Build your online impire and create passive income for you and your family !!!

With UNAICO business model  you can postion  your self  infront of biggest world trends !!!!
Build your online impire and  create passive income for you and your family !!!
SITETALK - UNAICO has put all these three business trends in one business. This is world first.
In attachment you will find ppt.  Research shows: - thet people spend more and more time infront of internet and social media. - the average time per user spent in social media is  10 hours per mont.
- for many people social networking has become the way to comunicate.- 60-70 % of world population look less TV . We live in time where people spend more time infront of net then on TV.
-30% OF WORLD POPULTION IS EVERY MINUTE ONLINE. and this percentage is increasing.- young generations Y and Z use social networks to comunicate and not anymore emails.
- also MICROSOFT company realised the big power of social media , soo they invested 246 milllions of USA dollar in Facebook in 2007 year. These and many more are the facts about SOCIAL MEDIA AND INTERNET  TREND.
Why home based business and word of mouth ( network marketing ) to promote business model ?
Research shows : - thet 76 % of people belive more to racomandations of friend then advertisement seen on TV , radio , newspaper ,...  - home based business is proven method where ordinary people can become quite wealthy.- the latest statistics tell us thet there are more then 846.000 millionaires living in USA and 20,8% become wealthy because of home based business , network marketing , internet marketing.
- conservative conclusions estimate thet home based businesses create more millionaires around the world then any other industry.
Do you know ?
-thet  home based business industry create more then 450 billions dollars every year of turnouver
- thet every 11 seconds start someone with home based business
- thet there are more then 10.000 companies selling and promoting their products and services with word of mouth advertisement ( network marketing )
Why more and more people start with home based business ?
- work from home , with family .
- be your own boss .
-time freedom
- travel
- massive income
- to be able to make a difference
- business where you can become successfull with helping other people becoming successfull . WIN - WIN business
With UNAICO - SITETALK  you can postion your self infront of these biggest world trends and be at the right time in the right place. Business model Unaico includes :
- social network platfrom  ( do you know anyone who want to earn money with chatin and talking with their friends ?)
- marketing
- education    ( do you know anyone who want to be a better persone, self developmnt and professional development ? Online education is one of the biggest trends online now.)
- property
- telecomunications ( do you know anyone who want to save money on phone calls ?)
- travel             ( do you know anyone who want to travel and save money on in doing it ?)
- entertaiment   ( do you know anyone who want to have fun online ? )
-health care  ( do you know anyone who want to save money on healthcare products ? )
- charity associations   ( do you know anyone who want to help people who need help ? )
As you see anyone can find something for him/ her self. Build your comercial center online. Build your future.
Develop an attitude of gratitude, and give thanks for everything that happens to you, knowing that every step forward is a step toward achieving something bigger and better than your current situation.
Brian Tracy


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